Event Lighting.

HomeBoyz Entertainment Limited is East Africas leading supplier of professional lighting equipment to the corporate, wedding and the events industry. We are the preferred rental suppliers for many prestigious wedding venues across Africa.

With over 10 years’ experience and a large inventory of lighting equipment, we supply the highest quality lighting effects and combine them with exceptional customer service and stunning lighting designs. We have always been determined to build a company focused on a high level of customer service, and our focus remains firmly unchanged ever since we began in 1992..



A Wide Range of Lighting Effects

It is our firm belief that whatever the type of event you may be hosting, we have a lighting solution to perfectly compliment it. We a proud to stock a wide range of lighting effects of all types, including a range of special effects.

We are proud to stock:

  • Moving Head Lighting
  • Wired & Wireless Uplighting
  • A Huge Range Of LED Lighting
  • F34 Box Truss Systems
  • Follow Spot Lighting
  • LED Starlit Dancefloors

When combined with a Martin K1 Hazer, smoke, or fog, this lighting can produce entirely stunning effects that can create a mesmerisingly beautiful and exciting atmosphere.

Attention To Even The Smallest Details

Designing the perfect lighting solution for events is an intricate process, and one that diifers from event to event.
A lighting solution that is ideal for one event, may not be perfect for the next.

That is why we plan out our lighting solution on a per-event basis, covering every aspect of your needs, right down to the smallest detail.
We are proud to provide a Full Virtual CAD Plan (computer designed lighting plan) at a 1:1 ratio. All of this gives you the opportunity to preview your lighting show,225-030 and gives us the ability maximise every last potential of your venue.

You can find some fantastic examples of our work under our Portfolio page. This will also give you an indentation as to the level and standards we work to when it comes to wedding & event lighting production.

Always Ahead of The Game

The professional events lighting industry is a fast moving one, which sees a vast array of new equipment, capabilities, and standards emerging at breathtaking intervals.

We have commited ourselves to providing event lighting of the very highest standard and that is up to date with current trends.

That is why we stock only the most cutting-edge lighting equipment, constantly turning over our equipment stock to ensure that none of the lighting equipment we provide can be considered “old-hat”, worn down, or dated.

If you have any specialist lighting requirements, or are interested in discussing the latest and greatest the professional event lighting industry has to offer, then please contact a member of our team, who will happy to guide and educate you about this exciting area.

Special Effects

HomeBoyz Entertainment Limited is East and Central Africas leading supplier of professional special effects to events throughout the region. We cover many areas of special effects, just some of which are presented below.

if you would like to discuss the range of special effects that we can provide, or have any queries relating to any of our services, then please contact a member of our team for further information.

Laser Light Shows

There are many creative ways lasers can be used in a production. Most of these uses fall into the two broad categories of seeing beams in mid-air, and seeing graphics on a surface.

We can provide laser light shows for all types of events, whether it be a festival, a corporate event, or a musical production.
The vast range of professional laser equipment that we carry, ensures that we can provide the perfect laser show for your event.

We can provide lasers in a range different powers ranging from 100mw to 15W and offer full colour systems as well as standard green dpss systems.


We can provide stunning pyrotechnics for use both on-stage, and outdoors. Our large range of pyrotechnics special effects, ensures we can provide a suitable set of effects for every occasion, however large or small. Our range of pyrotechnics includes fireworks, along with such popular offerings as:

  • Airbursts
  • Flames
  • Flares
  • Gerbs
  • Cascades
  • Waterfalls
  • Flashes
  • Smokes
  • Stars


Cryo Effects: Co2 Cannons & Liquid Nitrogen Dry Ice


Co2 Cannons can give your event that authentic Ibiza Nightclub feeling. They are widely used all over the world, and incresingly popular.

These cannons provide impressive blasts of Co2, that both create an exciting burst effect for the crowd, 220-802 as well as proving some cool refreshment as your event begins to heat up.

They also create a platform that enhances your event lighting, allowing your lighting effects and lasers to be caught in mid-air.
Liquid Nitrogen Dry Ice also creates a brilliant and safe fog effect that perfectly compliments your event lighting

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