Staging and Set Design.

Staging For All Puposes Event

Staging can be an important component of any event, especially those where entertainment or presentations are taking place.We have extensive experience providing staging solutions to events across the UK and Europe.
Our staging solutions have been used for and are suitable for events including but not limited to:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts & Musical Performances
  • Product Launches
  • Catwalks & Fashion Shows
  • Corporate Presentation & Events
  • Theatrical Productions
  • School Productio



Staging Considerations

There are many aspects of staging that are often left unconsidered. Once you have decided on the size of staging you require, it becomes time to consider several other factors such as carpeting, trimming, and vertical positioning.

We can provide a range of flooring solutions to perfectly complement your staging, including carpeting, starlit flooring, and LED flooring.
We can also provide Edge Trimming solutions ensure that your staging is both attractive, and meets safety requirements.

When it comes to the vertical postioning of your staging,we can provide a range of staging heights including 1ft, 2ft , 3ft, and 4ft. If your staging requirements are special, then please contact a member of our team as we can accomodate custom staging heights and proportions.

If your event is taking place outdoors, we can also provide a range of outdoor roofing systems, such as Arc Roofing Systems, to protect your event against many weather types. Some common sizes of Arc Roofing include our 8m x 6m Arc Stage, and our 10m x 8m Arc Stage.

Set Design

Set Design is the process of giving your performance area the look and feel that you desire.
Our team has many years first-hand experience of tailoring bespoke set design solutions for many types of differing events

Whether your event be a wedding, a theatrical production, or a product launch, we can provide you with a professional set design service, tailored to your exact require Our team of experts can create almost anything you can dream up, and don’tments.

Forget to also take a look at our Event Décor andSpecial Effects services which can be perfectly combined with your custom Set Design service.

LED Starlit Dance Floors


Truely Magical
HomeBoyz Entertainment Limited specializes in starlit LED dance floors for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate and wedding events across East and Central Africa.

We are the regions leading specialist in the hire and rental of LED starlit dance floors and stock both white starlit, black starlit and even mixed black and white starlit dance floor panels.
We stock newest LED dance floors ranging from a small 4ft X 6ft configuration right up to our massive 40ft x 40ft which accommodates for parties with over 1700 guests.

Available in a choice of white, black, or checkerboard, these floors will match any colour scheme you have carefully chosen.
Combine the high-quality, glossy finish with the hundreds of twinkling stars that glow below anyone dancing and you will find these dancefloors are especially perfect for a magical first-dance, as well as an evening’s worth of dancing by enthusiastic guests.

The floor can be laid out either as a perfect square or rectangular, so you can be sure it will suit any table arrangements and room that you may have.


Many hire companies offer dance floor hire but don’t hold any stock as they use other companies to ‘’sub in’’ the equipment. Now this is fine until the other company has a problem and can’t supply the dance floor….

We have built our reputation on service and performance over 17 years within the events hire industry and have both the knowledge and expertise to advise and help where needed.

These spectacular dancefloors can also be used to create catwalks, for fashion shows and similar puposes. The speed of the twinkling lights can easily be varied, or may be set to stay completely lit or completely dimmed. The power requirements for these floors are extremely small, so you can be sure that there will be no problems using one in any venue that you can imagine.
Our LED dance floors can convert a plain looking marquee or wedding venue into a disco heaven with twinkling white lights all over the floor which can be controlled wirelessly via the remote giving you the extra flexibility to get the look and feel you want.

The DX7 dance floors use a SMD LED system which is like the older standard light emitting diodes but just a little better and brighter! A SMD LED gives high brightness while it has a lower overall power consumption than of a normal LED light tube.

The SMD LED’s in our dance floors are small light chips enveloped in a very strong epoxy resin covered by a clear acrylic surface and use even less power than most dance floors making even our largest dance floor very energy efficient with each panel only needing 0.02A – 0.03A

You may also be looking for a PA system? Maybe some LED uplighters for the wedding venue. We can offer you a complete turnkey solution to your events with everything from indoor to outdoor stage systems, event décor to full HD* LED walls.

So if you’re looking for a portable LED starlit dance floor you now know the company to speak to.

Power Distribution


Often Forgotten, But Always Important
Power Distribution is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your event.
You’ve decided on a suitable sound package, picked out the perfect lighting solution, chosen your special effects and event décor, and are moving along at full-steam ahead towards the big event.
Our staging solutions have been used for and are suitable for events including but not limited to:

But what good are all these individual components if they are unable to perform their task?
Power Distribution is a crucial element in the events industry that is often overlooked or not given due attention.

Forgetting to ensure that your power requirements are met is a big problem, and one that is easily avoided.

We can provide stand-alone power solutions suitable for any usage scenario, to ensure that wherever your event, and whatever the time of day, your event can operate without a hitch, even if the venue’s power fails, or even if the local power grid experiences difficulties.

Power For Even The Most Demanding Scenarios

Many event companies offer power distribution services, but the number of these same companies that often provide inadequate or sub-standard power facilities is astounding.

We take great pride in the fact the we can ensure that your event has enough power for even the most demanding uses, and that the power supply we provide will be stable throughout your event.

Every piece of power equipment that we provide, from the large considerations like generators, through to fine-details, like cabling, is always “over-rated”, meaning that it can handle the power requirements we have calculated to match your needs, and then some!

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